Disability Diving

Do you love the ocean and dream about experiencing the magical underwater world? Now with our disability diving program you can come do a snorkel or try dive experience or even get certified as an open water diver.

If you are already a diver, we can get your skills refreshed and get you back in the water safely.

Our new dive boat is perfect for this as it has a diver lift at the back making it much safer and easier to get in and out of the water.

DDI – Disability Diving International

DDI is a not-for-profit organization that provides disabled scuba diving training programs internationally.

The programs are designed to work with other scuba diving training organizations by adding another layer of safety and flexibility to the existing diver training. This allows an extra level of assistance and modifications to meet the safety and training standards of other training agencies.

Find out more here: click here.

Our boat – Makeda III

Makeda III is a 15 m dive boat with a diver lift, ramp to get on to the boat and loads of space to move around.

The diver lift is at the back of the boat and it makes getting in and out of the water easy and safe for everyone. We also have a toilet and a shower on board.


Snorkelling experience: Snorkeling experience form a boat at Busselton Jetty or other sites in the area with our helpful instructors, divemasters and volunteers.

Try dive: Not ready to commit to a whole open water diver certification but you just want to experience the underwater

Dive course: We offer courses form beginner to more advanced courses, Open Water Course, Advanced Course, Speciality Courses and others. Contact us to see what level course would suit you.

Refresher dive: Are you already a certified diver but haven’t been diving for a while? We can get your diving skills refreshed and get you back in the water.

Guided fun dives: Certified divers looking to dive the Busselton Jetty or our other dive sites. We provide a DDI certified guide and all the support divers needed.

Dive Buddy Program: Certified divers looking to become a support diver to go diving as a certified dive buddy for a disabled diver.

Ready for a great time on the water?

Hop on the boat on Tuesdays for a snorkeling or try dive experience or book on for a more personalised courses tailored to your requirements.

Our dive shop

The meeting place for most activities is our dive shop in Port Geographe Marina in Busselton. In our new shop we have much more space, wheelchair access and a disabled toilet in addition to all the cool dive gear.

This is also where the boat leaves from and where we have our classroom for teaching. Any pool sessions required are completed at Geographe Leisure Centre in Busselton.

Keen to volunteer for any of these activities?

If you are an open water diver of higher and comfortable in the water, we would love to have you as an extra set of hands in the above activities.

Some of our customers might need 1 or 2 support divers in addition to our instructors and divemasters.

We are always looking for more volunteers to join our team. Contact us below for more information.

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